Whereabouts Consulting Support Services

At Whereabouts Consulting we also offer support on the following support services:

  • QGIS Support
  • PostgreSQL Support
  • GeoServer Support

Our Software Support Services generally includes the following:

  • Installation support.  Installation of new software versions within complex corporate environments; including integration and customisation support.
  • Technical support.  This may be done through remote troubleshooting capabilities delivered via telephone, email and / or other on-line facilities.
  • Taking on the responsibility to manage fixes for critical issues.  ‘Fixing’ may not mean that we fix all issues, but usually that we work with members of the open source community to resolve issues.  Sometimes we MAY do the fixing work, other times we may also pay for fixes to be implemented.  We take on that responsibility on behalf of our clients.
  • We take a portion of the the revenue that we receive and place this in an Escrow account (run by UpWork). This fund is then used to pay for such fixes.

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